The Grit.

The Grit is one of those places to which I feel like I should wear a fedora and black-rimmed glasses. Located on Prince Avenue, the restaurant does have a flair for the alternative. By alternative, I mean vegetarian - it is a vegetarian paradise!

While there is not a gluten-free menu at The Grit, the staff is knowledgeable about sensitivities and was willing to check on ingredients for their menu items. After grilling the waiter, I ordered the Veggie Omelette with melted white cheddar.

Veggie Omelette with melted white cheddar.

Being the hardcore carnivore that I am, I was more than slightly hesitant to order something with the word “veggie” in the title, but I turned out loving the omelette. It contained broccoli, cucumbers, onions, and peppers (and maybe squash too). I ordered potatoes to the side. They had a spicy edge to them, but were quite tasty as well.

My wheaty roommate ordered a bagel with a fruit cup to the side. The fruit cup is artistic enough to merit a picture:

Fruit cup.

The corner of that bagel is a disgrace to this blog. Apologies. Anyway, The Grit also serves dinner, but I have yet to make the trek there in the evening. Definitely give this place a shot - the atmosphere and the food are totally worth it.

Address: 199 Prince Avenue

Web Link:

Taqueria del Sol.

Shredded chicken taco with lime jalapeño mayonnaise in a corn tortilla.

Thanks to the persistent praise of my roommate, the destination of Friday’s dinner was Taqueria del Sol, located off Prince Avenue.

As I scanned the menu, I braced myself to rattle off my gluten-free speech. I told the cashier (food is ordered at the counter) that I was interested in getting a taco, and inquired into the type that would best accommodate my gluten-free needs. The words had barely escaped my mouth when she told me that all of the tacos were or could be modified to be safe: though the menu says the tacos are served in flour tortillas, the restaurant substitutes corn tortillas upon request.

Upon the recommendation of my roommate, I ordered the fried chicken taco (with lime jalapeño mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato), switching fried for shredded chicken.

In terms of starters, the chips, as well as the cheese dip, are safe (or dangerous, if you are hoping to exercise a mite of self-control). Unfortunately, both chips and salsa/cheese dip/guacamole cost extra, but in my opinion, the taste is well worth the expense. 

Cheese dip.

While I did not ask about the status of the enchiladas or side items, the quality of my first taco merits exploration. As with any restaurant, make sure your allergy or intolerance is made known to the proper parties, since ingredients can change. Enjoy!

- M

Address: 334 Prince Avenue

Menu Link:

Back to the Basics: Campus Dining Halls

I suppose the simplest place to start would be at the culinary hallmark of freshman year: the dining halls. The UGA dining plan (offered in five and seven-day formats) is pretty highly regarded by the magical world of college dining halls. It’s won a lot of awards and whatnot.

But how do you do the meal plan gluten-free?

Here’s how it works. Before you come to UGA, you will need to contact the dietician (her email address is on the meal plan website) to tell her that you have to eat gluten-free. She will make you a guidebook at the beginning of each semester that tells you what you can eat in each of the halls. This guide will include permanent foods and rotating foods. I carry mine in my backpack and it works swimmingly. One really awesome thing they started last year was offering gluten-free bread at all the dining halls. All you have to do is ask for it.

A warning: while there is definitely enough food you can eat on the meal plan, you may get tired of it, especially if you choose to remain on it more than one year (as I have). But the ease of the meal plan makes it worthwhile.

Happy dining!

- M

Hola, gluten-free groupies.

Well hello there!

Welcome to Gluten-Free in Athens! I am an undergraduate student at the best university in the country (I’ll let you figure that one out) who is passionate about FOOD. The catch? I only eat gluten-free. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was three and a half years old, so needless to say, I know gluten-free like the back of my hand.

When I came to college, I was definitely concerned about being able to find at least halfway palatable food for me to eat. When I was applying to colleges my senior year in college, I researched where the closest Whole Foods was. The closest store to Athens? 50.5 miles away…in DULUTH. Not a good sign. However, I have found that Athens is just as accommodating (if not more so) to my dietary concerns as any where else I could go.

And so goes the topic of this Tumblr. Now that I’ve gotten my toes wet in the Athens food scene, I hope to impart upon you all the wisdom and knowledge that my past year and a half (as well as my future) has to offer.

Hasta luego, groupies!

- M